WTC Parking

Right in the heart of Rotterdam, the WTC has two parking garages: the in-house parking garage and the adjoining parking WTC-Beursplein (previous parking WTC-V&D). In total, there are over 500 parking spaces.  

Parking WTC-Beursplein:
Navigation: Leeuwenstraat 2, Rotterdam
Attention: the driving direction of the WTC-Beursplein parking has recently been changed. You can reach the parking via Rodezand.

Opening hours:
All-year (including holidays), 24/7.
Pricing info:
Rate: €1,95 per 30 minutes
Max. per day / lost card: €35,-
Payment methods: PIN / creditcard (no cash) 

WTC P1/P2 in-house parking garage: 
Navigation: Rodezand 19, Rotterdam
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, for WTC office tenants and their visitors only
Mon-Fri after 5pm, also for course students
Sat 8am-7pm, also for general public (P1)
Sun 11am-6pm, also for general public (P1)
Pricing info during public hours:
Rate: €1,95 per 30 minutes 
Max. per day / lost card: €35,- 
Payment methods: PIN / creditcard (no cash) 

EV charging station
Do you drive an electric vehicle and you wish the charge your car? Both the WTC and the WTC-Beursplein parking garage have spaces with charging stations. You can activate these with a card. 

Bicycle parking
World Trade Center Rotterdam has bicycle parking, for which tenants can take out a subscription. The parking is on Rodezand and is open 24/7. 

How to get there
More information on how to get to WTC Rotterdam can be found here.