Major developments for the Dutch World Trade Centers


The World Trade Centers organisation now has more than 330 WTCs worldwide. Over the last few years there has been major growth in the number of WTCs in China and India. The WTC brand is the strongest brand name in real estate in the world. The Netherlands has 12 WTC licences, of which nine have united in the WTC NL Association. Apart from real estate, the WTCs are also instrumental in promoting trade and investment in their regions. Their important role in running trade stimulation programmes is not only recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, by the rest of the Dutch trade stimulation network of which it is a member.

In 2014, the Dutch WTCs were recognised as an executor of the Starters International Business programme. To this end, a national network of advisors, the WTC Trade Associates, was created to offer this service. Work is currently underway to expand this network and its tasks.

On 10 June, Christiaan Huijg (general manager of WTC Amsterdam) was elected as the new chair of WTC Nederland. During the General Assembly of the WTC Association in Manila, Gerard Vaandrager (WTC The Hague) was elected to the worldwide board of the WTCA. The leading role of the Dutch WTC network in Europe is illustrated by the European WTC Meeting being held in The Hague for the third consecutive year. It will be organised by WTC The Hague on 30 October 2015. 


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